Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last minute decision

On Saturday I was busy working. I was doing a live to tape video production for the local music festival. While I was getting our multi camera production set up, I was watching participants from the 10k race cross the finish line. Jealousy set in.

After a long day shooting video, I got home late. In the back of my mind was that little voice. When I woke up in the morning I decided I was going to run the triathlon. Well, first I had to see if it was okay with my wife... as mentioned in a previous post... money is tight.

She was okay with it!

Race Day

I'll admit, I was nervous. I have done the triathlon before, but back then it was a 500 meter swim. This time, it was 750 meters and a cut off time of 30 minutes. I had reservations on if I could make it... considering I hadn't been in the water that much this year... and when I had it was mostly just in the shallow area playing with my son.

I got my stuff together, bike stuff, swim stuff, and running stuff... or so I thought. I biked to the race area and when I started getting my gear ready in my transition area I realized that I forgot to put my shoes into my bag. They were in there originally but after doing a double check I guess I forgot to put them back. A quick call home and my wife had to go through hell just to get my shoes to me.

Our dog Brisco decided he wanted to go for a car ride too... the thing is, he hates car rides and yelped and cried all the way.

I was now ready to go.

The Swim

As soon as I got in the water my nerves cooled down. I was having a little trouble on account of the waves. I swallowed a bit of water and had a couple episodes where I had to cough. I found switching to the backstroke was great. It helped me catch my breath, and also prevented me from drinking the water. When I was about half way through the run I realized something was wrong. Not with my run, but with one of my fingers... my wedding ring was gone! I've lost so much weight over the spring and summer it obviously just slipped off. When I reached the shore nobody told me I was done... so I kept going to transition 1.

Time 21:29 15/21 in male category

The Bike

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened on the bike. I used the time to refuel and eat some jelly beans. I gave my other pack to another athlete just before the race began. He came unprepared and was from out of town so I donated 140 calories. I digress. Within the first 10k I managed to pass a number of people... I myself got passed once. On the last 10k I came across I cyclist with a flat. I asked if he had levers, he said no... I had a tube but no levers in my saddle bag. He then told me he didn't know how to change a flat anyways. He had a road bike... some people. Anyways, the last 10k was tougher on account of the headwind. Watching a lot of the other cyclists really makes me want to upgrade mine. Either new parts or an entirely new bike... someday I suppose :)

During the 2nd transition I had some difficulty taking my helmet off. My fingers were numb from the bike but after a bit of fumbling I got it.

Time 47:47 17/21 in male category

The Run

My legs were pretty tired but I pushed myself. I refused to walk as I had done in previous triathlons. I came across an aid station on which I quickly began to choke on the water... i dumped the remaining water on my head and continued on my run. I picked up my speed when I got closer to the finish line. It's such a great feeling to hear the crowd cheering. My endorphins kicked in and I was treated to a nice little high while crossing the finish line.

Overall I was very happy with my results. Considering that I hadn't trained in the water, and I was 60 lbs heavier in March I think I did a pretty good job.

Time 26:25 8/21 in Male Category - Running all summer paid off!

The only negative I'll be taking away from the triathlon is the loss of my wedding ring.

Total Time 1:35:40 - 15th in male category - 1st in age category

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