My Fitness/Run Bucket List

Fitness Goals

In the next 1 - 2 years

Bodyfat   15% - 12% - 10%
BMI         23
Plank       2 minutes - 3 minutes - 5 minutes
Pushups  100 | one hand | zero hand
Run 5k    Under 25m - Under 23m
Run 10k  Under 55m - Under 50m
Run a half marathon
Run a Marathon

Long Term Goals

Maintain Weight/Fitness Level
Qualify for Boston
Ironman 70.3
Ultra Marathon
Run a father's day Marathon with my son

Races PB

Sprint Triathlon - 1:30:28 - 2006
Marathon - 4:32 - 2010


Manitoba Marathon - 4:32

Local Sprint Tri - 1:32:32

Local Sprint Tri - 1:30:28

Local Sprint Tri - 1:48:42

Races to run 

My local Turkey Trot 5K - Upon writing this list, the only offical running race I've ever ran has been the Manitoba Marathon 2010. Starting small and aiming for a sub 25 finish is my goal this fall. This will be my only race this year.

Manitoba Marathon - Beat my previous time!

Not Since Moses - Running not against your fellow runners but against the world famous Bay of Fundy's tide.

The Goofy Challenge - This run takes place at the most magical place on earth. Run a half marathon on Saturday and receive a donald duck medal. Run a full marathon on Sunday and receive a Mickey Mouse medal... run them both and get the two previous mentioned medals as well as a Goofy medal.

Boston Marathon - Achieving a qualifying time would be awesome enough. To actually run in the most famous marathon would be amazing!

Chicago Marathon
New York Marathon
Thunder Bay Marathon - Thunder Bay was home for 3 years during college... I'd love to run this race sometime

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